Our Appraisal Services

R3 Realty Valuation Service is committed to providing dependable and accurate appraisals through NYC and Long Island. We are the leading provider of property valuation in the NY real estate industry. We promise hard work and an ethical approach resulting in a valuation you can count on.

Our services include:

  • Divorce Settlement Appraisals
  • Estate Planning Appraisals
  • Tax Grievance Appraisals
  • PMI Removal Appraisals
  • Bankruptcy Appraisals
  • Property Marketing 
  • Historic Valuations i.e. based on a past valuation date


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We offer a wide-range of services to support the needs of various customers, including:

Mortgage Lenders


Expert and accurate residential and commercial appraisals.

Expert, unbiased testimony and consulting services.


Accurately determine the value of your estate client’s real estate property.

Real Estate Agents

Help sellers list their property at a fair price to sell your properties faster.


We provide expert valuations in tax grievances, divorces settlements, bankruptcy, and estate divisions.

Insurance Companies

Protect property portfolios for the correct amount.


Get the knowledge you need to make a great investment.